Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Suburban Boring Couple

I've been absolutely exhausted lately with my new job and stuff, so while I've thought about blogging, I really haven't the last few weeks. It's August in DC, which means sticky heat and with the new job I haven't really been able to get away. Plus, I've had a convention going on at work, which was a lot of work, so it's over and hopefully things will slow down!

Admittedly these last few lazy weekends, Sean and I have been very "suburban and boring." Don't get me wrong, it's actually been quite nice. And that's not to say I haven't done anything on the weekends, though. Weekend before last I went with some of Sean's friends out to the mountains to visit wineries. His friend Scott introduced us to this wonderful places called Bluemont Vineyards. It's very picturesque, located on the slop of a high mountain, with views over the valley below. They had food and music - it was really nice! I would love to go back. I forgot my camera, but I'll have some pictures in the future!

Sean also introduced me last weekend to Afghan cuisine, which I'd never had before. He took me to this great place in Bailey's Crossroads called Bamian Afghan Cuisine. I'd compare the food to a cross between Indian and Middle Eastern flavors (which makes sense, geographically). I really liked it, and would love to go back! I wonder if I can mimic some of the recipes at home?

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