Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer and Everything After

First - it's about MFing time... Metro (which in itself is about an unreliable as it train service) claims that by mid-October there will be cell phone service in its underground stations for most carriers. I certainly hope so!

This past week I took advantage of Restaurant Week by trying three new places I hadn't been before...
  • On Tuesday I went to Blue Ridge in Georgetown with Sean. It's sort of re-imagined Appalachian cuisine, using produce from regional farms. We both really liked our dishes, thinking of it as sort of haute Southern, if that's possible. The service was great and the portions were generous, and we both agreed we'd definitely go back. The secluded outdoor patio was a nice touch, too.
  • On Wednesday I went to Fire and Sage (if only for the name alone!) with a coworker for lunch. It has some great contemporary dishes that where unique and tasty. I would go back, especially as it's near my office.
  • Last night I went with Sean to Ceiba. it's one of those place I always see but have never been in. The menu is fusion contemporary Latin/Caribbean, as it claims, "specifically Yucatan, Brazilian, Peruvian, and Cuban." The dishes we had were all really great - the service left something to be desired, but I really liked everything we had, especially the ceviche and pibil pork. I had some sort of tamarind martini which was quite nice, too.
It's been a month now at my new job, which admittedly stresses the fuck out of me some days. So after a long week I went out Friday night with the water witch, who is now back from London (yeah!) and a friend to Cobalt and then Town. August is a funny month in DC when it comes to who's out at the clubs and who isn't. Personally I'd love a vacation right about now, but I have "miles to go" on that one.

Last night after dinner Sean and I really didn't do much... he's stressed at his job, too. We missed M's new bartending over in the H St. corridor, though I hope to make one of the nights soon!

It's hard to believe it's going to be September in one day. Where did the summer go, really?

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