Friday, September 11, 2009

When Bears Attack! And other tales

Thankfully, it seems like Fall is here - my favorite time of year! I've always loved fall - even if it's partially because it's the best season for mens fashion.

Sean and I have both been really stressed at work, but we try to see each other as much as possible after work and on the weekends. We both are unhappy with our jobs, but trying to work on that. We try to have fun when we're together, even if our energy levels are low. I apologize to some friends for whom I've been sort of laying low. It's been a shitty summer, really, from the stress of douchebag former bosses, finding a a new job, finding myself less-than-happy in my new one, it's been a lot of strain.

So sometimes I like to get far away from the city with Sean, whether it be the beach or mountains, and we decided to visit Shenandoah National Park last weekend just to get away and spend some one-on-one time. We decided to explore the trails through the forest and everything was going fine until...

A large adult black bear stumbled into our path, about six feet away. Sean and I, needless to say, froze in our tracks. Now, one would think Eagle Scout Sean would know what to do in the case of a bear encounter... well since it's not something that happens everyday I'll forgive him. (Incidentally, this page tells you the proper steps when facing a black bear. )

As you can guess, we've both lived to tell the tale... the bear lost interest in us and sauntered off into the woods. I put up a brave front for Sean, making him get behind me and such. Let me tell you, if I'd been alone my ass would still be up in a tree somewhere screaming like a girl for help! Oh wait, black bears can climb trees. Shit.

Last night my friends and I went to a fashion/wine event at Sean's restaurant- and thank you for everyone who came, and the water witch for driving! I'm so glad it's the weekend now, though it never feels long enough.

Oh, and in a recent previous post, I was blogging about things I wanted to see in life, and mentioned, among other things, wanting to see the Mayan ruins. Sean reads this blog from time to time, and what does he do? He books us a trip in January to Mexico to go see Chichen Itza! It's very sweet - I love you, Sean! I can't wait!!

It just comes to show the power of blogging ;) I seriously need to get ready - I haven't been to the beach/pool as much as I normally do this summer, so I'm a little on the pasty side. Get me some of Lindsay Lohan's "Sevin Nine" tanning cream STAT!

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blue dog said...

I went to cozumel a few years ago, but didn't see the ruins. Make sure you don't hang out in the city part -- its a complete dump and Nick got attacked by a homeless woman! The beaches are beautiful, however! Really good snorkelling... I had a fish attacking my flipper and nearly choked LOL.

I really wish I'd taken the excursion to the ruins. I'm jealous!