Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long TIme, No Post

Alright, it's been while since I bothered posting, so here's a pretty picture to make up for it...

Let's see... I went out on Friday with some of Chef Tom's friends to dinner at an oyster bar on 17th st (as a side, I love oysters. I know raw oysters turn some people's stomachs, but I don't care) and then a few drinks. I swear to god we saw a guy with a Kate Gosselin hairdo. For real... I'm still wondering if he was doing as part of a prank or some pre-Halloween thing. I really hope the poor guy wasn't really trying to rock that. Of course the bar was JR's. And no, it was Drunky McDrunkerson in drag. Man with a Kate Gosselin "hairdon't"... I'm an athiest and I'm praying for that dude. Help him, Jeebus! Anywho...

Sunday Chef and I went to the Ukrainian Festival out in Maryland to get in touch with his mother's side-of-the-family roots. There was borscht, pierogies and pivo (beer) to be had!

We also spent the later afternoon at the Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring. It's funny sometimes, the little things. Like just spending Sunday afternoon having coffee and reading the newspaper together. It was really... just really pleasant in it's own boring yet comfortable way. I can't help but feeling we've reached some turning point in our relationship. You know, the one where reading the paper together feels natural.

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