Sunday, March 01, 2009

See This Movie: Coraline

I was going to blog about Tom Brady getting married to some Brazilian woman named Gisele, whoever she is, impostor! Any-tomisminebackoffbitches-way...

Sean and I had a nice weekend. I apologize to my friends, I know lately I've been very boring and withdrawn, and reading about Sean and I cuddling is about as exciting as steamed broccoli.

I have gone out a few times during the week, like sHOtunes and the HOmo HOtel Happy HOur on Thursday, and I've met with friends for lunch too during the work week. Friday night I was so tired (recurring theme) I just wanted to take a pill and sleep. And Saturday Sean was so tired he just wanted to curl up and watch a movie. I know, I know, living la vida loca!

Today we went to my favorite Korean restaurant, Sorak Garden and stuffed myself silly. Afterwards we went to the movie theater at Tysons and saw Coraline. I had no idea what the movie was going to be about - I only had seen clips of the awesome animation. I highly recommend going to see it. Never mind Sean and I were the oldest people in the theater, it's a great movie full of stunning visuals.

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