Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snowjob 2009 / Pink Dolphins!

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day (or at lest if you had to go to wok I hope it wasn't too painful). Yesterday was the most snow DC has seen in some time (of course my old school ass remember the blizzard of 03, now that was a snowstorm!). I stayed home and did a whole hell of a lot of nothing, which was nice for a Monday. I had a feeling this wasn't just typical forecaster dissapointments so I hit up the grocery store last night because there was nada in my pantry. I figured with my luck I'd be caught foodless in some blizzard. And by "grocery" I mean I stopped at the liquor store first. Priorities!

Anyway, this will make your day: A pink dolphin! Your eyes deceive you not!

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