Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Updates

Gay Penguins:
Another gay penguin pair at it again - only this time in a zoo in China. The duo tried to steal eggs from other penguins, and the zookeepers segregated them from the rest of the penguins. After a public outcry, the penguins are back with the rest of the flock, and are being given an egg to take care of. Gay penguin liberation!!

InaugurAAtion pAArty Time!:

In order to better ca$h in on the Inauguration (make than InaugurAAtion) DC is allowing clubs to be open 24 hours and serve booze until 5am!!
That sound you just heard was Drunky McDrunkerson imploding with joy.

A Westboro Baptist Church Christmas:

Our rabid homo-haters at Westboro Baptist Church (home of the "God Hates Fags" signs) wishes us all a warm holiday. I feel the love!

1 comment:

Something to say said...

Ok, that's disgusting!!!

Fucking haters! lol Thanks for posting this Fire Witch.

It's astonishing still to actually listen and see this. Can you imagine being in the same space with such true HATE? OMG!

If you watch closely they all start to look alike...gee, they're the worst of the worst inbred and kiddy fiddling HATERS!

Ok, Happy Festivus!