Monday, November 24, 2008

Mauled by the Mall

So being a ass cold weekend (yes, that's a scientific measure of cold, don't question me!) I did mostly "indoor" stuff this weekend. I did some pre-Thanksgiving shopping, and Saturday night Sean and I went to this new restaurant called Yaku in Arlington.

I can't say enough good things about it. It had a great decor and a young, pretty clientele. When we had to wait for a table they were kind enough to offer us complimentary cocktails while we waited (a very unique cocktail list, on par with Halo). The food was great: a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese, the appetizers were inspiring and tasteful. I've noticed a fusion of many of the neglected Pacific Rim cuisines have been getting more notice lately (South American, Central American, Filipino, Vietnamese, Californian) and I would definitely recommend Yaku! (Clarendon & Scott St., near Courthouse Metro station)

Later that night we ran into friends at Omega. You know, I like Omega in many ways because it's dependable and unpretentious. I know many consider JR's a "neighborhood bar" but I just think it's a second-rate stand-and-pose bar for the DC "Power Gays." (Of course, we all know how they rank against the gays of the real seats of power - the Londons, Tokyos and Paris's of the world, but that's another story) But Omega has always just been exactly what it is; gritty, neighborhoody, proletariat, and very Washington DC. It's sort of a nice antidote for when I've spent too much time at glossy Halo.

Not sure where I was going with that... anyway we had drinks and left. Sean was complaining about the cold and I gently reminded him that if we move to Canada like we say we will, he'd better get used to it! 30 F is a balmy spring night up there!

Sunday Sean and I had lunch at Maggiano's and shopped around Tyson's. Well, I by shop I mean me trying to trick Sean into divulging what he might like for Christmas Festivus. He liked the iPod Nano I got him for his birthday, so now I'm out of ideas. And window shopping didn't help either. Grrr. I mean, last year he got me a f-king gorgeous Louis Vuitton man-bag, so this year I have to catch up. A getaway to Costa Rica? A pooping penguin?

Either way, I can tell you I will NOT be at the malls on "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving. I've never understood why people get up at 6am to go shopping. Britney Spears could be waiting for me at the door of Bloomingdale's with a free Roomba and that shit still wouldn't be worth getting up for.

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