Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight or something...

Oh you crazy kids, you! So I feel compelled to blog about Robert Pattinson - he's the "hearththrob" that all the teenage girls (and gay men) seem to be going ga-ga over lately. I can't read a celebrity blog without seeing his face like 20,000 times. Anyway, he's staring in some upcoming vampire movie called "Twilight." It sounds like some "young adult literature" a la 'Harry Potter - which means I don't care how many of you drink the kool-aid, I'm not going to read it!!
I hate to admit it, but Robert is kind of attractive, in that brooding bad-boy sort of way. If there were vampires like this in real life, my windows would be unlocked every night.


blue dog said...

I don't know what's in the kids Kool Aid these days, but he reminds me of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis *gag*

Not only would my windows be locked, but all my valuables would be locked away too!

FireWitch said...

You have a point. The more I look at his pictures, especially the one on the left... they kinda look like mugshots. Like he got drunk and hit his boyfriend. Paging Drunky McDrunkerson!