Friday, November 28, 2008

no more pie... ok one more piece

So I am typing these words eating some leftover pecan pie (after stuffing my face with leftover turkey, stuffing and my homemade cranberry sauce) and too tired for words. I was thinking about going out tonight but I dunno. I've been lazy on a whole new level today. My body feels like I spent a weekend cracked out partying. I guess bringing the bf home to meet the folks, and stuffing your face several times will do that to you.

As my friends are aware, I have a "3 hour" rule with my family. So bringing Sean home (at my mother's insistence) at noon yesterday meant we spent around 10 hours with my family. I remember the drive over there with Sean thinking to myself "What, oh what the fuck have I gotten myself into? It's not too late to turn around!"

But... you know.... it wasn't so painful. I dare say it went very well. I think my family likes Sean, I think he sufficiently charmed my mother. He's been invited back for Xmas!

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