Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are You Going to San Francisco?

October is such a busy month! So many people I know are several October birthdays, for instance Water witch's, and Sean's. Sean will be celebrating his birthday this weekend - I'll keep you updated on what the plans are.
Speaking of witch, I mean which, I am very much looking forward to going to San Francisco next week to celebrate the Water Witch’s birthday in style, and Halloween. Watch out San Fran! The Castro will never be the same.

I love the fact that the Earth Witch put a clip from one of my favorite all-time movies “All About Eve” over on her blog today! Watch out, it is going to be a bumpy night!

“I believe that the world should revolve around me!” –Indeed! Just ask anyone’s who’s dated me. The fact that Sean’s stayed with me for two years is in itself amazing. He treats me like the prince(ss) I am, he does. Our 2-year anniversary is coming up!

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