Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Green With Envy

So my good friend was at the debates last night live! The reason I’m jealous is because Anderson Cooper was supposedly there, too. Ok, I guess meeting the candidates would have been cool too.

So I did watch the debates at a neighbors house last night. I think Obama actually did a better job this time, was a little more aggressive, and didn’t let McCain walk all over him, like last time. McCain just looked hobbled around like an old man in need of a rocking chair. Granted he had his moments of cheap patriotism that panders to Middle America, but over all I think Obama came out a “winner” if you can say there was one.

HIGH-lites: A) did anyone see the guy falling asleep in the audience?! No, it wasn’t my friend LOL. B) Did anyone catch the part at the end where McCain totally dissed Obama and wouldn’t shake his hand! Ouch!

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blue dog said...

Turns out he wasn't there, but was in New York. Guess I'll have to serve him with your alimony papers next time!