Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rocktober Malaise

Well, I’m back home today and back into the routine. It’s always great to see Sean when he picks me up at the airport; I missed him while I was away. Yet coming back to the States is always bittersweet, especially after being in a country that has already achieved full legal equality for gay people (among other accomplishments). Especially when my Canadian friends hear about the kind of work I do, it drives home the point that this is a very reactionary country, one that will probably always lag behind other Western democracies in the liberties front. One should welcome coming home, but I truly don’t. Anyway, going there made me think a lot about really picking up and moving (and no, it’s not tied to the election – I really don’t even care who wins at this point).

Well enough being Debbie Downer; I had a great time and it was absolutely amazing in Nova Scotia and at the north of the province in Cape Breton Island. I coincidentally happened to be there in time for the Celtic Colours festival. The region has a strong Celtic heritage; there are towns where street signs are in Gaelic and French. The mountains were blazing with orange and reds. It was so picturesque and great to visit friends. I like Halifax, but compared to, say, Montreal or Toronto, it would be a bit slower-paced. The city is a bit smaller that Washington, for comparison, and subsequently there’s a little less to do. For example, everyone is the gay scene pretty much knows everyone else. But the small-community feel is a bit charming, too. I mean, overall, Canadian tend to be very nice and polite people; it can be a little disarming being a cynical Washingtonian used to dealing with all the soul-sucking “power gays” and “insiders.” Hmmm… maybe a move up north is in order!

So what else; let’s see…congrats to my friend “water witch” for his work on that wonderful clip over at Perez Hilton. Also, my friend the “earth witch” is down is Cajun country visiting a friend (tell Char hi for me!). I can’t wait for the three elements to get together for a very bewitching Halloween. Something tells me certain people who’ve crossed the water witch better get every charm they can find… spells are brewing! Double, double, toil and trouble!

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