Friday, December 05, 2008

And You Thought Congress Was Crazy

For something different, read this. I've been chatting with friends in Canada today about a government meltdown that is going on there right now. Parliamentary governments are bit more complex that out Congress, so my friends abroad have always been patent with me explaining how things like a "minority government" work. Long story short, Canada's Prime Minister, Steven Harper, fearing he would be kicked out of office by a coalition in Paraliament, asked the Governor General (The Queen's representative in Canada - it's part of the British Commonwealth, remember) to suspend Parliament. This would be the equivalent of Bush suspending Congress - can you imagine the shitstorm we'd have here if that happened?!

Crazy government roller-coasters or not, I'd rather be a subject of the Queen and have full rights as a gay human being, than a 2nd-class citizen.

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