Monday, November 17, 2008

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays...

Poor Sean, I’m always dragging him to one dinner event after another. Friday night he was kind enough to accompany me to a board of directors’ dinner. It’s always nice having a partner there as a buffer sometimes. Not to sound like I “use” him, but it’s nice having his support.

Saturday I thought about going to the Prop 8 protests, but I honestly didn’t have time, and I suppose I would’ve just gotten rained on. But I had many friends who did go and had great things to say about it. That night, actually, Sean and I went to a Korean friend of his house in Alexandria for a traditional Korean meal with several other couples. It was such an interesting time, and really good food! Afterwards we came into the city to meet F &P at Apex, which I hadn’t been to in ages. Sean and I had a really good time! And you know, the Metro late at night can be so interesting sometimes. The freaks come out at night!

Sunday morning we went to brunch with my friend Kim, F & P to a place by where Kim lives in Columbia Depths Heights (sorry can’t resist) called Commonwealth, a sort of British-inspired gastropub. The roast may not have been quite authentic (according to P, anyway) but overall I liked the place and would go back. We went to Kim’s afterward for wine and hung out; it was a cold windy day.

That’s about it for me lately. Oh, I think Wednesday night Sean and I are going to a new place in AArlington called Yaku. It’s by the same guy who runs Gua-Rapo, which I like a lot. Will review!

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