Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Wok My World

So last night Sean went with some friends to a Chinese place in Man-ass-ass Manassas called "Wok & Roll." Coinidentally a weekend ago while I was in search of Halloween stores (you know, those seasonal stores that sell all the costume crap) we passed by it and joked about it. So last night night when he called me from the Wok & Roll, I was like, seriously?

But it got me thinking about all the silly Chinese restaurant names I've seen over the years. It almost makes me want to open one up, just so I can name it! Some that I have (seriously) seen are:
Moon Wok;
Wok, Don't Run;
The Big Wong;

Do you, my faithful reader, have any to add to the list. If so, add in the comments section (where Andy is pointing...)

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