Sunday, June 17, 2007

Your Own Private Utah....

Well dear adoring public, since last week's Pride debauchery, I have decided to play it quiet this week and give my internal organs a much-needed rest. Well, that's partially true, I still went out, but overall I've been trying to get my beauty sleep since I know none will be had soon.
I am going to Utah as a guest of a certain someone who hosts a fundraising dinner at his mansion in the mountains of Utah. i will report faithfully all that goes down, keep posted!
I feel bad for Sean, he's been working his ass off lately and needs a vacation far more than I do. Last night, by the way, we went to Bistrot du Coin and for the first time outside of my time in France, I had the escargot (ie snails). And you know what - I've come to belive one can smother anything in garlic and make it taste good. I'd eat a lot of things, if there was enough garlic involved. LOL. And that's how much I love Sean, I'll even eat snails for him.

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