Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainbow's End

Pride weekend was a blast this year! I found myself going out every night Thursday onwards, it was crazy.
Saturday Sean got back from a chef’s convention in Dallas, TX – he told me I could come along, but honestly, Dallas?? The only thing in Dallas I know is the sister to my “favorite” bar here in DC (hint: it has an ugly green awning). Anyway, he got back Saturday, but by this point there was already drama – I went to a co-workers party, had another coworker (all shall remain nameless) who got so blitzed he couldn’t stand. We went to another party, went to watch the parade, Halo, crashed another party, Cobalt where I...
Made out with a girl.
Yes, I did. It was more of a dare thing, but I did. Poor Sean having to put up with me! And he still loves me… By the way I will post pictures as soon as I get them from friends.
Sunday after getting myself together Sean and I went to a dim-sum place in Chinatown that was pretty scary. The dim-sum was good, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to what can only be described as back-alley Shanghai.
We went to the Pride street festival. Ah, Pride, the time to see people you don’t normally see…and people you spend all year trying to avoid. Later, Phillip came along with his friend from London, Ben, and we didn’t stay more than an hour. Afterwards we went back to Halo (recurring themes) and to Cobalt again. I ran into Stephen (remember him, readers?) He’s doing well, it was actually nice to see him. If only every ex was like that. We all had dinner at Merkado (they have this great guava lime chicken thing). Phillip and Fernando drug me to my “favorite” place for more drinks. Needless to say I am running kinda slow today. Of course, working at a GLBT group, almost everyone has called out “sick.” Right.

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