Friday, December 21, 2007

All I Want for Festivus is....

Someone please buy me this:

I am so ready to have next week off! I’m looking forward to both Margo’s Festivus Eve party and seeing my family Xmas day, and getting to see Sean through all of it. Well – I’m not bringing him home this year, but that’s a "me issue" as I’m not psychologically prepared yet to subject him to my family introduce him to the folks.

Wednesday night I hosted a small gathering (pictures forthcoming) and gift exchange with Phillip, Fernando, Charlie and Sean. I’m sad to report Charlie is leaving my job for a better opportunity. So while I am sad to see him go, it really is for a better job, so I am happy too. We exchanged gifts, and drank my out of house and home. Out of the night came two new drinks we have given birth to.

The White Louis ™
(a variation on The Louis invented by Phillip)
½ part amaretto
½ part white cranberry juice
Shake with ice and serve in martini glass.

The Bizzy Fuck ™
(There’s an interesting story behind the name I won’t share here, but it was created in honor of Charlie’s resignation letter earlier that day)
3 shots Stoli Blueberi vodka
1 shot Grand Marnier
3 shots white cranberry juice
1 shot lime juice
Shake with ice and serve in martini glass. Makes about 3 martinis, so adjust accordingly if need more or less. Strong enough to drown all holiday malcontent. I hope Drunky's enablers friends don't try and steal the recipes, they are copywritten!

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