Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 - the Best Year Yet!

It's that time to recap on this year past. I really do think '07 has been a great year - I stated off returing from Canada in time to celebrate by ringing in the new year with Sean (I'm a bit superstitious about beginning the year with a kiss), and we later on had a great Valentine's Day. In short time I found a better job, more money, and I was happier all around. In April I had a great birthday and Sean made a wonderful Easter dinner for everyone. There were trips to Chicago, to Utah, to the beach, to England, to Mexico. There were gala dinners and countless happy hours. I stayed closer to old good friends and made new ones along the way. Sean and I celebrated out 1-year anniversary, and we were fortunate to spend the Holidays together.

Here's to another amazing year! See you in 2008!

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