Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mother's Day Mommy Dearest Massacre

First off, last Monday was Sean and my 6-month anniversary! Here’s to another six months and more… to celebrate we went to Cava in Rockville for dinner.
Last week was a very hectic week for me, with my boss leaving for vacation in Aruba, and of course everything that could blow up, did. But I think I’ve handled it all with grace and poise. And of course the week was not without its fun moments – I’ve been having picnics with friends almost everyday in Dupont Circle since the weather has been so great.
Friday night I met a friend who was in town for drinks after work, and then met Sean for a birthday party at Lauriol Plaza (for a friend of his). I remembered why I stopped having my b-day parties there- a large party at that place on a Friday nights is always a poor idea.
Saturday Sean and I went to Banana Café (we were on a Latin kick I guess or maybe I was just craving stuffed plantains) it stormed pretty hard, so I had two of their potent margaritas. I have a high tolerance (thanks to college and dating Drunky last year) but two of them knocked me out. Sean and I made it an early night – oh getting older and in love! I’m a few steps away from Wisteria Lane…
Sunday we had brunch at Cafe L’enfant, this French creperie in Adams Morgan, (next to Dump-lex “Diner”). It’s pretty good, not great, but good. Then we went to Eastern Market (fortunately the flea market is still going strong) and then to Margo’s for our second annual Mommy Dearest Mother’s Day (well, we didn’t watch Mommy Dearest this time, but you get the theme..) Great food and wine and watched two black-n-white bitchy classics: Sunset Blvd and Rebecca. Check them out if you haven’t seen ‘em.

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