Monday, May 07, 2007

No Door Prizes, But...

Well woo-hoo! I've hit my 10K mark on readership! Well, at least since I started keeping a counter, which hasn't been that long I guess.
Anyway, last week wasa very busy week for me, with Board of Directors coming to town and work-related events on the Hill I had to be at. I've seen more of Capitol Hill lately than I care to. Suprisingly the House passed a gay-inclusive Hate Crimes bill. It's a good sign, but I sill want to leave the country more times than not. Why does Canada have to be so cold?
A wrap-up of my weekend included going to a PFLAG reception in Georgetown on Saturday night, bringing Sean with me as my partner, which was a lot of fun. It was great to bring Sean with me, and to see all of my new co-workers (god am I glad to be away from that other place I worked).

Sunday we met my friend Joshua who is back from Africa, Holly, Fernando and his man interest (what is it with us and men from Virginia?) for brunch at a place in Dupont called Lillie's. It's in the Hotel Carlysle on New Hampshire Ave. I've been by it a million times but never went in. I have to say it's the best brunch I've had in DC yet - I'm looking forward to return trips for sure. We then went to the event to raise money for Eastern Market, which was so good to see the community come out in support of! I hope they rebuild it quickly! Afterwards Sean and I went to see the Sunday evening drum and dance circle in Meridian Hill Park. It was all in all a great weekend! And now back to work...

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