Monday, April 09, 2007

Eastivus Dinner

What a surreal week this past week has been for me...actually I'm calling last week my "Adam Lohan Week" since I was going out everynight pretty much. Funny how lately I've been going out more on "schoolnights" than on the weekends. But I won't bore you the details of all that. I did, however get to meet "Dear Abby" when she stopped by to visit the office, that was one interesting thing...
Sunday Sean aka "Chef Tom" invited a bunch of us to his place in McLean for Easter/Eastivus dinner. Ok, a side note about the "Chef Tom" thing - it began when certain friends remarked how Sean A) resembles Tom Brady and B) is in fact a chef. Which of course would make me Gisele. Anyway Chef Tom/Sean made a fantastic 5-course meal, and nothing is better than a great meal, great wine, and great friends. (hopefully pictures forthcoming...). From the caviar parfaits, to the quail, to the scallops...everything was perfect. Why can't Xmas/Festivus be so fun and stress-free? (and if you're wondering, I made Sean an Easter basket).

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