Monday, June 04, 2007

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea...

I haven't written, I realized, since the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend, so now that Summer is semi-officially here, I figure I should. Actually this whole Summer thing has got me thinking. It seems everyone has been going on vacations at work, which has me starting to think about where I want to go this year, and possibly making plans to go somewhere with Sean. I have to leave the country again this year - just to get out of this Bush-induced nightmare if only for a week or two.

So I went to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday with Phillip and Fernando. I really like Rehoboth for a day get away - it's close, it's clean, it's gay. The only not so great part is there seem to be a correlation between the gay men's age and the shortness of their swim trunks. In a perfect world it would be younger=shorter.

Random pictures from the road trip: Adam's Fruit Stand (snicker, snicker) and Gay St.

Sunday, despite the rain, Sean and I went to the Annapolis Greek Festival. Despite the rain, there were still vendors and great Greek food, I thought it was much better than the one I normally go to here in DC (yes, I said soemthing positive about Maryland). Afterwards we went to downtown Annapolis, because somehow in my 7 years in the DC metro area I've never seen it (and all the time knowing about the hot Naval cadets!). It's got a very cute historical area by the water and some great looking restaurants and shops, I'd love to go back.

By the way, today's post is titled after one of my favorite PJ Harvey albums. Check it out.

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