Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Home at the End of the World

Same old same old seems to be the way the work weeks go. Last week, compared to the week before, was blissfully quiet. I went out a few times during the week, my friend Holly's going away party (from her old job that is - we used to work together at "Hell House"),, seeing Sean and having dinner with him and co-workers at Jack's on 17th, Halo, Halo (there was a lot of Halo last week). Went to some party at the Black Cat called "Crap" - it's intentionally bad 80's music. I have to say, "Crap" wins the award for most aptly named party. I rarely go to the Black Cat, but when I do and see the straight people who go there, I thank the universe I'm gay. (No offense to my straight friends - but Black Cat people are vile).
Saturday I went to visit my family in ol' Virginia. You know, I have to mention my Dad made me an offer. My parents are considering retiring somewhere else, and my Dad offered to give me the house. While I can't imagine living where they live (they live in truly the middle of nowhere) it would be nice. Of course they do have a huge yard I'd love... hmm things to consider in the future.
Sunday was Margo & Fred's housewarming party! As ususal Margo outdid herself with yummy food and drink :) Sean and I had a great time.
I went to a fundraising event lastnight at a friend's house in Kalorama, after which we went to Cobalt. And that has been my week!

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