Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'm getting back with Casey ("Hitler") - we're moving to Canada and getting married. I started smoking again. I've become a Republican and I love Maryland.


Didn't mean to frighten anyone with the above headlines. On to more serious matters...
What have I done with myself? Well, my new job has kept me rather busy, but it's so nice to be near freinds for lunches in the Circle. Last Friday I wen tout with pretty much everyone in my circle of friends to Banana Cafe again, that was fun. The next morning I made the mistake of saying I would meet my family early, which I still managed to do. It was my Dad's birthday, so we went out to celebrate that, but I also did my mother's gardeing for her. She put her back out years ago and can't garden as much as she likes to - so being the good Gay son that I am I weed, ho, and dig her garden every year, plants flowers and vegetables. I actually enjoy it, gardening vicariously as I don't yet have a yard of my own. All she has to do is water and harvest.
I went out that night to Noche de Fuego with Phillip and Fernando, which is a nice alternative from the ususal suspects (Like my most favorite bar JR's - April Fools again!)I didn't drink, one reason being a) didn't feel like it and b) I don't HAVE to drink to have a good time (Phil, are you reading this??)Speaking of Drunky - he pathetically contacted Phillip on Myspace. Doesn't he get that Phillip wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole? Phillip responded wisely; "Aren't you the drunk who tried to hit my friend?" Thanks Phillip - Heheh as the song goes "That's what friends are for..."
Actually Phil isn't a drunk (APRIL FOOLS! Ok, thats the last joke I promise). Yesterday Sean and I went to see the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin. It was wonderful, now seems to be a good time to see them, all the trees are out! We went to dinner together... and speaking of dinner I know he has something up his sleeve for next Sunday ("Eastivus" - Athiest easter, like Festivus for X-mas). He's planning a dinner party for all of our friends at his new condo in VA. I'm excited to see what he has planned - I'll keep you updated!

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