Monday, March 26, 2007

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Poor Unfortunate Souls...
Phillip posted a lovely comment in my Myspace profile I have to share with you all -

"Adam "Silent Storm" is the finest witch in all of DC. Watch out if you cross him - you'll end up with bells palsy, become an alcoholic, or have to resort to turning tricks to pay your rent. You've been warned ;) "

In regards to certian folks who have made the mistake of crossing my path (former co-workers, Drunky McDrunkerson, and so on) here is a clip I love. What makes the witch jokes even more perfect is Fernando is a brunette, Phillip is a blond, and I'm red - the three witches of DC, watch out!

Sean and Adam Go to The Zoo

I'm glad the beautiful weather is finally here. Wednesday after work I went with Margo on a shopping trip - my new office if bigger than my last so I needed objects d'art to fill the walls. It's looking good! We went to a great little Thai restaurant in Eastern Market for dinner called Old Siam. I'm beginning to be a honarary Eastern Marketer as I've been going there a lot lately. Thursday I went to Banana Cafe after work with Fernando too. That place never gets old - I think I might have my upcoming birthday party there too.
Saturday I really didn't do much - when Sean left the kitchen we met and had dinner at Skewers, a nice Middle Eastern place in Dupont, had a few drinks afterwards... Sunday was beautiful and we went to the National Zoo. Lots of new things since I was last there, and it hasn't been invaded by too many tourists yet. That evening we joined Fernando, going over to Margo's new place on the Hill for dinner, movie, and wine, always so much fun, esp. with great friends and someone you love.

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