Thursday, April 12, 2007


Since I probably won't be checking back in until next week, this weekend is my Birthday celebration! (My birthday techincally falls on Monday 16th, but who wants to party on a Monday?)
Festivities surrounded by my close friends and Sean, food, drink, and presents - I'll report it all after the 26th year celebration of all things Adam.

By the way, today Sean met me for lunch at an amazing little place that I never even knew was there- a tucked away courtyard off of N st near Dupont Circle called The Iron Gate Inn Restaurant. Intimate, romantic, wonderful food, and a dining courtyard that reminds me of something I saw in France. What a great little European-style gem in the hart of downtown! Sean and I will be making many trips back, no doubt! I reccomend the leg of lamb.

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Jenni said...

Happy birthday wishes in advance to you!! Hope you have a lovely time over the weekend. Do come back and share the fun that you had over the celebration!!Cheers!!:)