Wednesday, July 11, 2007

La Vie en Rose

Last night I went with a friend down to the E St. Cinema to see "La Vie en Rose" a film about a great French singer, Edith Piaf, and the crazy life that she led. I highly, highly recommend this one. Though it was a bit long, it was great.

Gee, what else has been going on? Went to a 4th party in Reston, but the thunderstorms kind of ruined that one, so I went to see Transformers with Sean. You know, whenever I see old cartoons I used to love as a kid, I realize they are so much better in memory than reality. If you haven’t seen Transformers yet, just be aware it’s robots fighting eachother. That’s all. Oh and did I mention Sean is getting over his fear of driving into the city?

The night before that I went to Cobalt with Phillip and Fernando, prior to Phillip’s leaving for 3 weeks in Tahiti (must be rough). It was one of those perfect nights when it seems like everyone you know is out. Of course it also brought out every asshole queen in DC, too, which is why I hate Federal holidays.

Last Saturday, a party of note was Be Bar’s "Be Bad" night, with a fetish theme. I went with Sean and some other friends and had a great time. I like Be Bar, it’s like Halo with a dance floor.

And on other news: work is work, it’s muggy as hell outside, I’m getting another bump in pay in August (did I mention I love my new job?) and I might be going back to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Hope everyone’s having a fun/safe summer!

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