Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Boys of Summer

I haven’t posted in two weeks, I realized. Maybe it’s the summer heat or something – I feel like I’ve been in a real daze lately. I haven’t hung out much with my friends, besides the occasional bar or dinner. Summer’s almost gone and it’s gone by real soon. Sigh, maybe it’s the whole working thing that makes it feel like summer never happened. Remember getting summer vacations in school? Maybe I should’ve become a teacher just for free summers (in spite of crappy pay).
I would’ve taken vacation, but as this is still a somewhat new job, I’m waiting until autumn - Sean and I figured out a window in which we could both take a vacation together, which would be nice! We’ve been continuing to look at options and stuff, no decisions yet.

At Be: Bar 08/02.07

Two weekends ago I had my aunt, my cousin, and her new husband visit DC from Chicago - they were great to see, but they picked the weekend where it was 100°. High heat, tourists, it was not the best weekend in that regard. Though Sean and I did go to Old Town Alexandria on Sunday afternoon for some alone "us time" which we both really needed. Lately Sean’s been noticing my being stressed, and last weekend took me to the Shenandoah Valley to visit some little towns, wineries, and restaurants. I owe him a lot lately.
Oh I forgot to mention when the fabulous Margo had us over for dinner he made a desert which he named "The Margo." I forget how he made it, but I’ll post the recipe soon. And yes, there’s a desert he named "The Adam" as well.

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