Monday, November 26, 2007

After the Stuffing

Back from Thanksgiving weekend and I wish I was still in bed. Cold weather makes me want to do two things: sleep in all day, and cook high-calorie foods. At any rate, it was a great Thanksgiving day- I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner though I spent most of the day there too. After eating myself sick there I drove to Margo and Fred’s and met up with Sean for wine and game and desert - a Thanksgiving tradition. And Sean is lucky enough to have been through not one but two of these. (Poor Drunky - he must be trying to numb the painful memories of Thanksgivings past with booze, no doubt surrounded by his enablers friends.)

Sean and I had a great weekend, albeit boring in the sense of not "doing" much. We did go out Saturday night, and I also had drinks with Phillip and Fernando returning from their Thanksgiving. I saw a movie yesterday with Sean after having dinner in GAY-thersburg, MD (if you want to annoy people from Gaithersburg, emphasize the GAY in the name). We saw The Mist, well mainly because The Golden Compass wasn’t playing, but I was impressed. I also want to see I Am Legend, as it’s actually one of my favorite horror short stories (read it - these things are always better than the movies). I also have to start holiday shopping! I have no idea what to get, and I’m terrible for waiting until the last minute. Help!

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