Friday, April 03, 2009

In Praise of Nice Butts

I'm not quite sure what inspired me to write this, but I was reminiscing a few days ago with my boyfriend about this friend I have, who has a major foot fetish. (Guess where he works? In a shoe department!)

Anyway, I've never been particularly drawn to any certain part of the physique. But I have to say (and you can stop reading now if this is "TMI") my boyfriend has a really, I mean really nice butt!

I think I'm a little jealous, actually, as I really have no ass to speak of. But his is just so perfect, you could bounce a quarter off of it (I think I did one time just for laughs... I don't think he found it amusing).

So does any reader out there have a favorite part, or a partner with something really nice?

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Something to say said...

uhem..... BUTTS are "da bomb" that's all i'll say....well, correction, butts that you can "bounce a quarter off" are da bomb- lol