Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's My Hot Blog, I'll Write What I Want!

So an update finally... Last week was a very long week for me at work, one of those weeks that never seems to end. I caught up with "Hortencia" a few times at Halo after work to gossip and stress relief; not to mention I'm trying to make the most of time before he leaves DC.

I think when Sean gave me a ride home on Wednesday, though he gave me his cold, which lasted a week. Though I'm sure going out drinking didn't exactly help. On Saturday I made Sean take me to Outback... don't laugh I have been in search of the Bloomin' Onion ever since I tried to get the equivalent ("Awesome Blossom") at Chilis and got d-to-the-nied because they removed it from their menus! (Probably because it was too healthy, I'm just sayin.) Nothing wrong with a giant friend onion. Anyway where was I going with this?

So we went to Halo again Saturday night, and on our walk up 17th st we saw some of Sean's friends, so we went into Leftovers JR's. I know, I voluntarily went into JR's, right?! Jaeger bomb shots made the place somewhat more bearable, and I didn't see Drunky and his enablers hard-pAArtying. And truth be told, I always have a good time with Sean's friends.

The next day my cold, and seasonal allergies, caught up with me. I love seeing cherry blossoms and stuff, but Spring is always miserable for me allergy-wise. Sean took me to a Korean food place out in Anandale, because I swear by the magical powers of Korean food when you're sick. But alas, I was still pretty down most of this week, and stayed home sick on Tuesday.

I've bounced back since then and am very much looking forward to the weekend!

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