Monday, April 06, 2009

Cherry Bombed

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend - hence me not being around to blog!
I went to Crystal's birthday party Friday night (Happy Poison Pen Birthday, Crystal!). It was a wonderful party - thanks for inviting me along...
Saturday I got some sun, went to dinner at a Spanish place with Sean, went out for drinks, met F out too. Sunday Sean and I met up with two of his friends and went down to the madness that is the Cherry Blossom festival on the Tidal Basin.
Maybe it was a nice weather or something, but in all the years I've lived here I've never seen it that busy. I really enjoyed the day, but could've done without the excessive hoards. And the metro ride back to Sean's car was sheer misery - the metro was packed full of obnoxious tourists and the air conditioning wasn't working. Fun times. But enough complaining - the blossoms were beautiful, and this marks the third year in a row Sean and I have gone together...

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