Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attention Shoppers, Attention

So today was a beautiful day and I went shopping with Margo, because we both share a love of fall fashions. We surprised my chef boyfriend at his restaurant for lunch, Margo got a new fabulous espresso machine out of it. We went shopping afterwards at Tysons Corner (both malls) and I almost got this jacket at Martin + Osa, but I didn't - I'm always so indecisive on such things. Now that I'm back home I wish I'd just bought it - (Fred will have to coordinate with me so we don't wear the same coats on the same day LOL). Back to the mall! But that's not why I'm posting...

It seems my witch-sister Hortencia's problem lately of attracting married men has transferred on to me! With Margo as my witness I was checked out by several married men - with their wives and kids nearby. Actually they were all decently attractive, but the point is what's up with this town?!?

The center of attention - even when we're up shopping at the mall!

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blue dog said...

Oh I'll just sit all alone in the corner shall I?!? LOL no one ever checks me out... maybe I give too many evils?