Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

Let’s see what’s in the news for this magical Monday, the fall equinox:

George Michael busted again, in a park with drugs. Again. Seriously, this is so old-school gay, cruising in parks and such. Come on, George!

Pirates Upstage Westboro Baptist Church – this is seriously funny, matey!

And finally, it seems my husband #1, Anderson Cooper, has found a new love in some hussy homowrecking twink nobody, whose "acting" credits include the shiteous Another Gay Movie. Anderson, you have to be kidding me. I don’t why Michael Musto of The Village Voice is spreading these lies! That’s it, Andy, I’m doubling my alimony claim!


Something to say. said...

OH dear! First of all, seriously one of the worst gay movies ever. IT did no justice to the community though I doubt it was trying to do anything with its message. Ugh!

How dare he?!? Witches unite! lol

Something to say. said...

Oh, furthermore, I used to defend Mr. Michael, but seriously get yourself "fixed". This is ridiculous. I mean, I think I'm the only gay man that I know of still trying to hold on to the good old days of Wham and G. Michael. I love his music and lyrics, but this is crazy!! HAHAHA!! Thanks for posting this, it is getting old, but it is funny.