Friday, September 19, 2008

Adam's Canadian Thanksgiving, Eh

So this year I’m going to enjoy two Thanksgivings a month apart. How, you ask?

Well I’m going to visit a friend in Halifax, Nova Scotia next month. Being clever, I planned to go over our Columbus Day weekend, so as to have the free Monday off. Now, I knew that Canada’s Thanksgiving Day fell in October somewhere, but I couldn’t remember when. So I went forward with my plans and long story short I basically invited myself to Canadian Thanksgiving.

I felt bad and offered to change my dates, but I’ve been welcomed anyway, so that’s where I will be next month for four days. As for Yankee Thanksgiving, I’m not sure what my plans are... will Sean meet my parents? Will there me charade games and wine at Margo’s? Stay tuned!

Side topic: Canadian men are, on average, hotter than American men. I mean per capita, there are simply more attractive men in a ratio to ugly men than here. Why is that, eh? Discuss!

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