Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lohans vs. My Husband

Hmmm what have I done this weekend? Well I sunned by the pool, until Sean left work early on Saturday, and we had dinner and drinks. Sunday we were going to have brunch with my friends Kim but I got up too late. I got a new suitcase at Nordstrom - my old one has been to 3 continents and is beat to hell, so it was time to get a new one; I also got a driving map of Puerto Rico, as I have rented a Jeep so Sean and I can drive around the island. We also went to my favorite Greek place, Cava for dinner and as usual I ate too much.

Hat tip to Margo for the video where Anderson Cooper, rightly so, criticizes Dina Lohan for the way she exploits/"raises" her daughters. Well, apparently both Dina and Lindsay's father Michael have shot back at Anderson, telling him basically to be quiet... Oh no they did not just go there! That's my husband you're talking about. What the Lohans need to do is back up off my man! Hold my earrings!
[side note - I have never met a woman named Dina who was normal - every Dina I've ever met is crazy. Why is that?]

Oh and does anyone remember THIS gem, where Anderson goes to a leather bondage store? So does he still claim he doesn't want to talk about his sexuality? Hmmm hmmmm.... please. Leather daddy!

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Something to say. said...

Ok, I'm a bit late with this one, but my speakers were not working when I tried to listen to it the first time.

So, if that doesn't give us a glimpse to what you're "husband" Anderson C. is into that I don't know what does. I'm just saying! You know he loves it rough! He looks like the type. Ugh!!

Still, I wouldn't kick him out of my bed... If anything, I'd probably become like Kathy Bates' character, Annie Wilkes, in Mysery! hahahaha.

Breaking Anderson's knees! hahaha
You're going no where silverboi! haha

Love it!