Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sex & the Suburbs

It’s Restaurant Week, in case you haven’t been out eating this week. Restaurant Week tends to be hit or miss – some restaurants really do a spectacular job and others you get the impression they just don’t really care. Sake Club, in Woodley Park, really did a very nice job, and I can’t wait to go back on a regular night. Sean and I ate there Monday night and I think it’s the best sushi I’ve had in the area. A bit pricey normally, but worth it. And they had a very extensive sake menu.

I had a happy hour with friends at The Fox and Hound after work last night – I forgot how when you order, say, a rum and coke there, they give you a glass of rum on ice…with a coke on the side. It’s one of the douchiest places on 17th (next to JRs anyway) but I had fun anyway. I met Margo afterward for tea at Soho. It’s funny to think, for years I went here everyday. Margo, me and others went there without fail every night for a long time. I think the smoking ban changed the place forever, though you can still smell the lingering smoke – I don’t think that will ever air out!

This is sort of a random topic but a conversation last night got me to thinking about living situations. Sean has mentioned a few times the idea of us living together. It’ll be 2, count ‘em 2, years together this fall. Sometimes I think he slips a mention of living together in conversations just to see if I’m paying attention!
So far, I’ve been pretty adept at avoiding the topic: “Live together? Oh look at the bird behind you! What nice weather we’re having!” But I don’t think it’s a topic that’s going to go away as we continue seeing each other.
Up until now I thought the short driving distance between us was kind of a positive thing; he had his life and I had mine and we saw each other when we wanted to. I’m a pretty independent person and the idea of living with someone again kinda scares me, though if I could get along with anyone I’m sure it would be Sean, it would just take some adjusting on both sides. My friends know they don’t have to worry about losing me yet – I don’t see us adopting and taking my kids to soccer practice just yet! Though maybe nesting-phobia does have a little to do with it. If we start going antique-shopping on the weekends, then my friends can worry…

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blue dog said...

He has to move to the city, not the other way around!

I've only ever been to Soho to use their ATM and Fox and Hounds?!? Dahling we'll have to revoke your gay card... that place reminds me of EDN (un)happy hours!