Friday, April 18, 2008

The Jubilee Continues...

I have to say this has so far beat out previous birthdays to be one of my best in memory! And it's not even over yet! (Note: the birthday party on Sat. has changed - it is NOT at Halo, it is now at my friend Phillip's house. Email me for details!). Maybe I should have a birthday on Wednesday more often!

So on my day itself, I had dinner at Banana Cafe with Sean, and then we went out with Phillip & Fernando to Halo, were I also ran into someone I knew from school. There was some drama between my friends and some skank... I swear sometimes I think a camera crew really should follow us around - it would make the BEST reality show ever! Seriously though, thanks Phillip & Fernando for a great night!

Last night two old-school friends, Monte & Ozzy, took me out too. By "old school" I mean they've known me since the days when I was dating Casey and had blond hair (yikes!!) Anyway, we went to the Red Derby in Columbia Depths Heights. I wasn't expecting much, after going with ____ ages ago to "Wonder"Lands. But The Red Derby was so much fun, and the owners were so sweet! Free bottle of champagne to celebrate, and I got to actually wear the namesake red derby (pics forthcoming). Thanks Monte and Ozzy for an awesome night out!!
Oooh ohhh! And for the first time ever I rode the bus in DC! Can you believe it? How many years have I lived in this area and never stepped foot on a Metrobus?!? It was almost a point of pride for me, like I've always been above it (I still am, mind you). But there's a first time for everything, see, I can live on the wild side!

And on a serious aside: My sympathies and condolences to Fred on his loss this week. (that was a harsh change of subject, but I wanted to include that)

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