Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today is My Birthday!

April 16th is my actual (not necessarily observed) birthday! It seems everyone is here to celebrate - even the Pope is DC this week! (Oh, Benedict, you shouldn't have... no really, you shouldn't have!)

I won't even touch on what I think of that person visiting, trying to upstage me on MY week! And next week is Barf Earth Day. Where are my furs? Sean, gas up the SUV! Wait - the Pope and I can cruise around in the SUV together, perfect!

I'm still trying to think of what restaurant to make Sean take me to tonight to celebrate. I also have a big bottle of Framboise with my name on it chilling. I've already gotten some wonderful presents, so I told Sean all i want is him to model for me.

In lieu of the traditional b-day song, here is some OLD school Björk (from her Sugarcubes days) singing "Birthday"

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