Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday / The Earth Day Disaster!

Oh where to begin? I'll start somewhere at random, it was such a nice weekend up until Sunday. I took Friday off just for the hell of it (I needed it after the night before). I went shopping got some summer clothes and a random Ben Sherman fedora I liked. What else? I made Sean watch the Little Mermaid for the first time. I'm not sure if he "gets" why friends and I are obsessed with it. It's such a great movie though! I love Ursula!
Sean and I ate on the rooftop of Straits of Malaya on Sat. before my party for dinner (it's across from Lauriol Plaza - a nice alternative if you don't feel like waiting over an hour for a table). We both really liked it!
So my party was a lot of fun - thanks to everyone who was there! Phillip really decked out his house and made it a memorable evening with tons of booze, food, and followed by dancing. Thanks everyone for such a great birthday week :) I will link to photos once I have them posted.
Among my gifts I got a tagine - I've been googling recipes all day for it, so excited to use it. I think I may throw a dinner party soon. I'll even have a surly attitude for that extra "Marrakesh Palace" experience, LOL.
So the next day, Sunday, was the Earth Day on the Mall celebration. Or rather, it should have been. Instead it was...

The Earth Day Disaster!

I still can't stop laughing about this! So yesterday some friends and I decided to go see the ED event that was "sponsored" by EDN. That is to say, a group called Green Apple Festival did all the hard work and booking artists, EDN just rode their coattails and added on their name as a sponsor. Slick work.
So I was all set to go down and mock them, but it seems our witch's brew was stronger that we imagined!! Not only was the event a dismal failure, but it seems (appropriately enough) Mother Nature had plans too. In what can be described as an apocalyptic thunderstorm, the whole event was washed out in more ways than one!!

Some on-the-ground exclusive eyewitnesses say:

"You should have seen it. The crowd was seriously running and screaming!"

"The crowd went wild running from the storm!"

HAHA HAHA HAHA... let me catch my breath... haha haha haha!

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