Saturday, March 15, 2008

The British Britney

Today I want to introduce my fellow Americans to our friends across the pond's answer to Britney: meet Kerry Katona.

This woman is a total trainwreck too, and I love her. Well besides the facts she was married to one of the boys from Westlife. [ and as a side story I'm ashamed to admit I know about them. I recall a certain former co-worker/friend "C" told me he was in love with Westlife and I thought I like this guy already. Though he prefers Nicky, I think Shane is cuter. ]

Anyway, my first introduction to Ms. Katona was in England last year I saw her on some commercial and recognized her from Perez always making fun of her. I was like "who is this stupid woman and why can't she pronounce langoustines! (really posh prawns!)" [my British friends will get the reference]. I'm not really sure what she's up to these days. Sorry to my American readers who are probably confused now.

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