Monday, March 17, 2008

"Green With Envy" - St. PAAtrick's Day 08!

Happy St. PAAtrick's Day, everyone!!

And remember, ____, today is the day to put down that pint of Guiness (ok, who are we kidding, more like pint of whiskey!) and get thee to your local 12-step program meeting! You can do it!

In other news in my life. I went out Friday and Saturday... Sean surprised me with an Easter basker (very cute).

Yesterday Sean took me to the outlet stores in Leesburg. The last time I was in those parts was for Festivus at "Natalie's" ages ago. I actually liked all the outlet stores. They had a lot of cooking places, I noticed. I got some new kitchen stuff along with some Spring clothes. It was a fun day of retail therapy!
I want to wish Margo a welcome back from Minnesota! And also a happy anniversary for her and Fred!!

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