Thursday, March 13, 2008

Break the Ice

Oh Britney, I have to say I love your new video. Very "Anime." You know, I should be animated and have my own cartoon, seriously. Battling drunk alcoholic exes, environmental whackjob ex-coworkers, homophobes, seducing Tom Brady...

I'm sure they had to do animation because she was in the hospital, and the first two videos off of "Blackout" were so trash-tastic. I mean, stripping and dancing in a bathroom. That pretty much sums her up lately, actually. I miss the "pink wig" level of craziness. You always knew she about to have a meltdown when the pink wig was on. I think it's become almost an adjective amongst friends these day ie "He's having some issues... like 'pink wig' crazy." Come back to us crazy Britney! I'll buy you all the pink wigs a ghetto dollar-store can stock!

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