Friday, October 20, 2006

Tales from the Soviet Safeway

Well, another Friday rears it's ugly head. I always seem to go out on Thursday nights. Last night I pretty much drank a bottle and a half of wine. Last night it felt great, this morning... ouch.

So I went to a play last night with Fernando and Charlotte at 1409 Playbill. The front is a gay bar, very low-key and has that sort of neighborhood bar feel about it, it reminds me in some ways of the bars in the Village, in New York. In the back is a small playhouse, featuring performances by local theater groups. I actually do reccomend going there to see a show, if only for the intmate atmosphere and supporting the local arts.

Over the weekend I went on a wine trip with Margo, Fred, etc... it was as fun as last year, saw some new vineyards! I will have my picture of that posted soon!! And Halloween is just around the corner!

As a side note, I forgot to mention last week that on my way home from the so-called "Soviet Safeway" on 17th, I kept making eye contact with a guy who was also carrying his groceries home from Safeway. So it turns out he left a "Missed Connection" for me on Craigslist. It was very sweet, and the guy seemed very sweet too. Also turns out he lives in the high-rise across from me: he can literally see into my living room. Oh, and the minor detail he has a serious partner he lives with. And they aren't in an open relationship. And he wants to come over. Yeah... So dear readers what does Adam do? Do I let him over? Shut the blinds so his boyfriend can't watch? LOL

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