Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday 13th!!

Happy Friday 13th!!Ok, Ok, I have to laugh at my last post. Brian made me realize I was trying to pass off squash as interesting, and in effect I was ripping my dear readers off. Ok, back to the usual!
First off I just finished reading a great novel "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell. Highly reccomended. And now that we are in the Halloween season I am trying to get in the mood by re-reading Braham Stoker's "Dracula" which I haven't read since high school.

Which brings me to my current dilema: WHAT am I going to be for Halloween???
Advice? Tips?

Adam Confidential
I had a great 3-day weekend. Sunday night I went to Halo and Chloe -it's fun having a gay danceclub a block away from your apartment - as I learned when I took a very handsome Fire Captain home with me that night. Sigh, those Maryland fire-fighters. Of course, I am no kiss-and-tell so all details shall remain my secrets. Oh who am I kidding? That's what blogs are FOR. Damnit, "T" as we shall call him, was absulotely amazing, just what I needed to unwind after a stressful past few weeks. I am hoping for a repeat performance.

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