Monday, March 20, 2006

St. Pattys and the Aftermath

Happy Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring)

I had a wonderful weekend! I'm still kind of shocked at the response I'm getting from friends about the posting below. It's good to know lots of people have my back. Anyway... Friday I had the pleasure of going to Capital Hill to kick off celebrating St. Patrick's Day. A group of friends and myself started off with dinner at Banana Cafe on 8th St. SE, I had been there for drinks, but never just food. WOW, it was absolutely amazing. I know Carribbean food on St. Patty's made seem like sacrilage to some, but the stuffed plantains and Banana margaritas were really good (yes, I know, a little heavy on the bananas). Everyone's food was really good, so I highly reccomend it. Other places hit up that evening include Finn McCools (because we HAD to go to an Irish pub, of course), Remmington's, Green Lantern... a strange melange of bars. Cuban bar, Irish pub, gay cowboy bar, leather bar... very weird night.

It's safe to say we all had way to many drinks that night, so any ambitions for the next day had to be put on hold. I was still proud of myself for hanging my framed photographs from Europe on my walls, a little project I'd been putting off, and some other home-improvementy things. I went out Saturday night, and found myself getting tipsy really easy, like after 3 drinks (compared to say, the 20 the night before which I held like a champ).

I can't believe it's been SO cold, after that false-Spring weekend before when I was sitting in Dupont Circle, wearing shorts, sunning myself. And now it may snow!

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