Monday, March 13, 2006

Aint No Hollaback Girrrrl

Ok I hate to have to beat this dead horse more than necessary: it's not even fun anymore. But my ex Mussolini (as I have decided to dub Phil) has this friend. And this friend gives me the "Evil Eye" everytime he sees me at the club, or on 17th Street.
Listen: I don't know what that washed-up has-been leftovers heard from Mussolini, but he needs to get the fuck over it. Stop giving me the stink-eye, cause you look older and more bitter than you already are. It's obvious you're just gritting your teeth because one of us is young, cute, and fine as hell... and it's NOT YOU!

*POST SCRIPT* To make things even more amusing, read Phil's friend Dave's comments by clicking the comments button. Ironically, the above post was not about Dave. I responded to his assinine comment... maybe I'm too nice sometimes.


Anonymous said...

so when you dated P we accepted you with open arms even though you were so boring and nelly I could Scream. I was happy for P cause I thought he found someone nice only to see what a moron you really are. I am 30 and look about 6 years younger then you plus the fact that I don't deal with little sissy drama crap. if I look at you in the clubs "that I run, and your lucky to still be allowed in," it's cause I feel bad for you and that's it. Now grow up. Be a man for once in your life and move on. Signed "D"

Adam said...

Funny DAVE, it actually wasn't you I was referring to in that post. I haven't seen you, nor did I have any strong desire to see anyone associated with him. That was the whole point - the very irrelevance of such people even making eye contact with me.
But since you want to comment - and apparently still read my blog despite hating me (for what reason I can only imagine)- fine:
Here's my retort:
a) if I was boring it was because most of my friends secretly hated Phil, and I assumed (rightly so) that you felt the same.
b) I've moved on. I see other people. I avoid "P" like the plague. We only spoke when he approached ME. You obviously heard a different story.
c) This is MY little blog, and I can rant about whatever comes to my mind.
d) I was referring to another person, who if I actually bothered to remember their name, I would name. Sorry if you took it to mean you.
e) Again, if you hate this "drama crap," WHY READ THIS? Your browser has a back-button, no? It's easier than changing the channel on a TV.

You seemed like a cool guy. This is rather dissapointing...

Stirring the pot said...

Wouldn't that make you a drama hanger-on? Adam can't be boring if you take the time to read & comment....UNLESS you're a bore with nothing better to do.

Adam is Fabulous, don't lie.

Adam said...

Thanks, "Stirring the Pot" LOL