Monday, March 13, 2006

Springtime for Hitler

Greetings! it's been so beautiful lately I just haven't had time to update. I'm entitling this entry what I have, because my ex, who I always referred to as the Nazi dictator, has slowly but surely shown a different side of himself. He's matured, he's gotten help, he's changed. I'm still wary around him, but this week I have seen him a couple of times and it's been...dare I say, pleasant?

Anyway, I went out Tuesday night to Halo, went out again Wednesday and Thrusday. Friday it was absolutely beautiful outside. I had a wonderful time with a huge group of people, co-workers, Maile, Fred & Margo, Steve, Dafna... started off at Buffalo, moved on to mango margaritas and Mexican food on 17th - one of the great pleasures of warmer weather is sitting outside eating and driking at night.

Saturday was also a very pleasant day... I spent the day reading and sunning in Dupont Circle park, enjoying the sun, shirtless boys, and being lazy not thinking about anything. I ran into Casey (Hitler) and another old face while walking up 17th Street. They were having afternoon drinks at Trio's Fox and Hound so I joined them for an afternoon buzz. He was, suprisingly, quite pleasant and mature. I also hung out with Ken that night. Sunday I met up with Margo & Fred and we went to see the orchid exhibit at the National Botanical Gardens, which was absolutely beautiful.

To see the pictures I took, Click Here.

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